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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compounded medication?

Compounded medications are made by accredited pharmacists combining individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient and their own unique needs.

Can any pharmacy make my compounded medication?

No. For a pharmacy to produce compounded medications, they must invest in highly specialised equipment and employ suitably trained staff.

What is PCCA and is it important?

PCCA is the world leader in pharmacy compounding. Membership is highly regarded as it provides the pharmacy access to the PCCA Clinical Services team who represent hundreds of years of collective experience in pharmacy compounding. Clinical Services is the most powerful resource a pharmacy can have at their disposal. Plus access to superior formulae and highest quality raw ingredients.

Why do I have to wait to get my medication?

Your medication is made specifically for you from scratch by our highly experienced team of pharmacists. Once your order has been received by our lab, we get started making it. We aim to have it ready within 24-48hrs.

How do I order my medication?

You can order your medication by sending us a copy of your prescription via sms or email.
SMS +61420715865

How much will my medication cost?

Each medication order is unique. Once we receive your prescription, we will calculate and let you know what it will cost.

Can I have my medication delivered?

Yes you can have your medication delivered. We have a delivery driver for local deliveries. If you are interstate or located far away, we will ship it to you via Aus Post.

How do I pay for my medication?

You will receive a Paypal link to pay for your medication. Our pharmacists can only commence work on your personalised medication once payment has been received. Alternatively you can pay in store.

How do know when my medication is ready?

We will send you an email or SMS letting you know when your medication is ready.

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